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The Conversation at the Top of my Stairs

Where “school” was apparently in session went something like this:
Older sibling – “Tell me some words that start with G”
Younger sibling – “Gorilla, guitar.”
Mom thinks – (ghost, guns)
“Tell me some words that start with H”
“Uh, house!”
(Hunter, Hell, hellhound Oh Dean!)
“Tell me some words that start with I”
“It’s a Small World”

I’m getting ready for tomorrow.  Most of you probably know, in my house we have a tradition of eating chocolate and drinking wine on Thursday nights. But this isn’t just any Thursday night. Oh no. It’s the premier! The night we’ve all been waiting for since the image of Dean in Hell begging for his little brother to help him.
So this night’s got to be special.
My plan started with dark chocolate with ginger in it. 
Now don’t look at me that way.  I know it sounds weird, and it’s not something that I could eat every day, but . . .
The dark chocolate is smooth and rich as well as bittersweet. Kind of like a certain show that we all know? And then the ginger is a shock to your taste buds: surprising, spicy and strong.  Again, remind you of anything?
So having decided that, I figured that I really shouldn’t go with whatever $5 wine special is at the grocery store.  I actually went into a posh wine store and asked for recommendations. They suggested a Brachetto D’Acqui. Which, according to the description is:
a unique red sparkling wine. Sweet and appealing, Brachetto may be enjoyed as a delicious aperitif, between-meal or after-dinner sparkler.
Aromatic with a hint of rose petals and raspberries, "Rosa Regale" Brachetto d'Acqui is perhaps the only wine in the world that marries well with chocolate, especially dark or bittersweet. Delightful, vivacious and aromatic, it can also be enjoyed with strawberries, fruit salads and a wide range of desserts.
Sounds perfect!
Of course . . . there’s nothing about being good with ginger there.
Guess I’m headed back to the chocolate store.
Here’s hoping for a very Happy Thursday tomorrow for you all!

Rap and FrenchLady, I know I owe you a meme, but it might have to wait until Friday. 

And everyone else, I really tried to put this under a cut, but it's just not working.  Grr!
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