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LA Convention Pictures

 Finally!  Here are the pictures that we took at the LA Convention.  Mary had a great suggestion, and I'm using Kodak Gallery for sharing.  If you all are having problems with getting the pictures, let me know and we'll think of something else.

Unfortunately my camera isn't that good, so the video isn't great, but I'll see about putting it somewhere so that people can at least look at it.  Check back here in a couple of days for video updates.

The pictures close by and straight on are from Schroan.  The pictures that are more from the side are from Met, and the pictures that are straight on from further back were taken by Mary.

Thank you ladies for sharing with someone who's camera was woefully inadequate for the job!!

Oh!  I forgot to say, I didn't edit the pictures at all, so some of them are sideways.  I figured that once you download you can rotate, but I didn't want to do it myself and lose any resolution.
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