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A Supernatural Cross-Over - Part One

This "story" is based on an idea posted by raputathebutaon a TV Guide blog.  It's something that I use when I need to say a lot about nothing at all.  I'm putting the back story here so that I can link to it in the future.

If you're on the flist, chances are you've already seen this, and trust me . . . it's no less silly now than it was then.  It's just now going to be all in one place.

The body was found by a young couple walking their dog.
(Author’s note – the corresponding picture was just so shocking that it could not be found. I mean posted.)

After the police had arrived and cordoned off the site, HE arrived. 

An aura of evil exuded from him as he reviewed the site. Eyes briefly flashed black as the demon within felt an uprising of unholy glee.

“Well, it looks like it’s going to be one Hell of a day”

Cue Who music over Supernatural logo. 

“Dean, I think that I may have a case for us. There have been several deaths in Miami over the past year. In all cases, the victims had an expression of extreme horror, like they had been clichéd to death!”

Do we have to go right now? I’m eating.

*Prissy look*

Several hours later

“Well, here’s the crime scene.”
“Dude, what’s with this place, the sky looks orange.”
“Maybe it’s due to a demonic presence.”

"Can I help you boys?"

"No sir.  We just came into town."

 “Well, this is my town. Just remember, I’m always watching”


"Did you see his eyes?"

"No, all I could see was sunglasses."

"Exactly.  That's the demon."
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