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Gabriel Tigerman’s Question and Answer at 2008 Dallas Supernatural Convention

This is the question and answer session from the 2008 Dallas Convention.  For a complete blog on the weekend, see here.


The first question for Gabriel came from an anonymous source (Chad).


One person asked Gabriel what he thought of the season three finale.  He hadn’t seen it, but was willing to discuss it.  When he found out that Dean had been ripped apart he joked “now he knows what it feels like.”


There was a lot of discussion regarding the character of Andy.  Gabriel said that his favorite scene was strolling down the street in a kimono taking people’s coffee.  (He made a face as he commented that it was coffee that they had been drinking.)  He also liked driving the impala, although it was very nerve-wracking because it was the first scene he ever filmed, and everyone was really nervous about the impala.  Gabriel’s least favorite scene was being ripped apart, which was the last scene he ever shot. When asked if there was a different way he would have liked Andy to die, he said maybe something a little more heroic.  As it was, he was “out like a bitch”.  He did mention that the “Obi-wan” hand wave he did when he said the line “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” was his idea.


People asked him to hypothesize what would have happened if Andy had lived.  What if Andy had won and became the leader of the demon army?  How would Andy have killed Sam to win the “contest”?  He didn’t think that Andy would have killed Sam at all, and didn’t think that Andy had it in him to kill the YED either.  When asked what he would have like to see happen to the character, he liked the idea of Andy running the demon army.  Course it wouldn’t be a very productive demon army.  He said that they could show Sam and Dean fighting away, and then cut back to the demon army who have put their money together in order to rent a house.  There are a lot of cots everywhere, and they all chipped in to get a wide screen TV and some video games.  There are bongs in use, but they aren’t using each other’s, cause that wouldn’t be hygienic.  Gabriel said that in the end, having Andy run the army would probably be a coup for the good guys.


When asked if Andy could take Sam and Dean and what he would make them do, he said yeah, and he would probably make them do an elaborate cheer routine to an Asia song.


Does he think that Andy and Ash would make a good team for hunting?  He think they was make a great team, but again, he didn’t know how productive they’d be.  Maybe crash the barbarian queen van a few times.


He said the hardest part of being killed off is reading it in the script.  Because that kind of makes it real.


Someone asked if Gabriel had Andy’s power, what would he do?  He quipped that with great power comes great responsibility, of course.  We all know that.  But that’s not to say that you couldn’t fool around with that jerk in the bank line a little and make him do the Macarena.


Asked what super power he’d like to have, he said that super strength was pretty cool, but didn’t seem to do Jake much good.  He’d like to be invisible.


Would he rather have the impala or the Andy van?  Hard choice.  Maybe the impala with the barbarian queen painted on the side and a bong in the back.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  He’d like to be writing and acting.  He said that it’s really fun to act things that you have written.  He wants to be a very powerful Hollywood magnate, whatever magnate means.


He did direct his first scene in a class that he’s taking, and really enjoyed it.


He’s a big fan of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and was very nervous working with him in “Charlie Wilson's War”  Growing up, he was a big fan of baseball players.


Random questions for Gabriel.  What would he do for a Klondike bar?  Anything.  They are refreshing and delicious.  You name it, he’ll do it.  Out of Sam, Dean and BDW, who would he kiss, kill and marry?  Well, BDW is already dead, so he’ll use kill on him, and a lot of the message boards have discussed Dean’s lips.  They do look pretty pouty.  And finally Sam seems sensitive enough to take care of him.  What is his biggest pet peeve?  Cotton balls.  He hates the “crunching” sound that they make.  He can’t touch them.  He also hates people who don’t pull into the intersection when turning left.  He wishes he could make a pamphlet stating the laws that he could pass out when someone is just sitting at the green light and not pulling forward.  He thinks that it would be nice to spread around a little education.


Upcoming projects – he’s written and acted in a movie called “Skills Like This”.  It’s been making the festival circuit, and has been picked up for limited distribution.  The shot it fast, in 19 days, but since they had been working on the script, they were familiar with it.

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