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Supernatural Fortune Teller

 Well, it’s the Hellatus, and you know what that means? Yes, I start posting blogs in order to get my Supernatural “fix”.

I’ve started contacting people for the SN Un-Book Club, and we have Mary and Cindy working on posts for July. If anyone is interested in posting a blog for this, please let me know. If you would like to see previous entries, please check here.


The other day, my little one was watching a TV show, and the kids in it were playing with a paper fortune teller. Do you remember the type? You fold it, and put colors on the outside and numbers on the inside. You ask someone to pick a color, and then move it back and forth while you spell out the name of the color. You then ask that person to pick one of the inside numbers, and you move it back and forth for that number. The person then picks a second number, and you lift the flap to see the fortune that is written inside.

Since my little one wanted to ask it “yes/no” questions, I actually went to my online oracle (wikipedia) and found the “Magic 8 Ball” answers and put them in.

But then I got to thinking.

What kind of fortunes might we all like over here?

For example:

#1 - You will meet a tall dark handsome stranger. Demon blood included.

#2 - You will be swept off your feet by a man in a 60s classic muscle car. Who may have some anger issues.

Anyone have any other suggestions? (or if not feel free just to stop by and say “Howdy”!)
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